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Kiki and Charlie Update

This odd duo are proving to be quite an interesting tandem. There are several really positive things about these two. The fist is that that are not really all that noisy. They make noise in response to 2 things, when other birds are upset and noisy, and when they want attention from their favorite person. When Kiki see me she will quietly cluck but when she sees my daughter she starts to squawk to get her attention. Charlie is usually pretty quiet.

The second positive thing is that they are very easily entertained by the simplest of things. They more or less ignore the $100 in toys hanging around their cage and instead spend a majority of each day shedding boxes. I simply fill a box up all sorts of things including treats, birdie bagels, foot toys, balled up paper, wood pieces, and more and put it on top of the cage. Both of them will then devote most of their day to destroying the box and playing with the toys until they tire of them and hurl them off the top of the cage. Charlie likes to make himself a hole and then enter the box to destroy it from the inside while Kiki tends to work the edges. The downside is that it is a little messy but I have witnessed Kiki preening Charlies feathers a little less often which is a good thing! In the video below The pair is working on a box from Ikea that has 2 slightly smaller boxes inside it and is stuffed with lots of cardboard, toys, and a few goodies!

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