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Meeka Update #2

First some information on Red Fronted Macaws. The come from only a few arid valleys in Bolivia and are currently considered Critically Endangered. Estimates are there only 1K-4K of them left in the wild or less. Human encroachment on their habitat has resulted in less natural food for them which resulted in them turning to human crops for their food. The farmers of course consider them pests and many are killed as a result. Many have also been harvested for the illegal pet trade. While it has been illegal to import wild caught birds into the US since 1992 there are other counties with no such rules or importers with no scruples.

Red Fronted Macaws have been bred successfully in captivity however and can occasionally be found in the US pet trade. Meeka was almost certainly bred in captivity though without an age it is hard to be 100% certain.

If you would like to learn more about the Red Fronted Macaw here is a very good article:

Meeka all set for Vet visit:

Meeka's vet appontment went very well today. She had her dagger-like nails trimmed and appears to be in great health aside from the feather plucking. We are hoping that a better diet and increased attention and toys will allow her to regrow her feathers but only time will tell.

She is turning out to be a really sweet bird. She absolutely loves head scratches!

That there is a really happy bird! when head scratches are done she spent her time resting on the arm of the sofa or the spot she prefered was on the toe of my shoe.

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