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Kiki and Charlie Update

Been a bit since since I posted last. Things are progressing well here and we are getting to know the birds a little better. They duo went to the vet today and got a clean bill of health. Vet said they were in great shape other that Charlie's feather condition. Right now we are assessing the situation and deciding how much of the plucking is due to Kiki preening Charlie and how much is Charlie plucking his own feathers. In reality it is probably a combination of both things. The ideal situation will be to identify causation and remedy the plucking.

One of the things about pet parrots is that they tend to choose one person and so far that person isn't me which is making training difficult. Since neither will step up for me it is difficult to get them alone for training. We are working on a very cute wing wave that Kiki showed and I will try to get it on video soon.

Here are a couple of the birds enjoying the days:

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