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Kiki and Charlie Episode 3

Kiki and Charlie have moved into their new cage and seem to be enjoying the space and all of the toys and things in it. Charlie likes to hang out on top as high up as he can go while Kiki prefers sit on the door that folds down. or the large front door if it is open.

Kiki seems pretty smart though very cautious. She really seems to prefer Jamie and Jen over me but has been responding to training from me. She actually has at least 1 trick we discovered yesterday a wing wave that I will try to get on video soon. She is very food motivated which makes training easier. So far she says a few things including Hello and Hi and while she can say Step Up she isn't real keen on actually doing it. We are currently starting with basic target training where she need to touch the end of the target to get a treat and training to step up onto a perch. She will step up onto a hand if she is on the ground but is reluctant to from the safety of her cage.

Charlie on the other hand is a super sweet bundle of energy. He loves to chew up boxes and bop around the cage. He hasn't seemed real interested in training so far but likes a good treat and the occasional head scratch. He is a very gentle bird and so far hasn't bitten at all except a gentle clamp to let you know he doesn't like something. His feathers are pretty torn up and as a result he can't fly or at this point even break his fall. We are going to work on trying to get some of those feathers back.

The duo spent a bit of time in the aviary this afternoon before it started to pour down rain.

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