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Gemma and Phoenix Update 5

Gemma and Phoenix took a few days to trust me aqain after their vet visit but now they are doing better than ever. They are still pretty quiet birds and only occasionally squawk loudly and usually in response to the dog barking.

Gemma is the outgoing one and will step up more readily and for just about any sort of treat. Phoenix is a little more cautious and is not real fond of stepping up but sometimes can be enticed with a good treat. Both birds don't like to be too far away from their cage still. I have been working at getting them a little more comfortable away from the cage in small bits. At first i would just have them step up and just step back down immediately. After a while I started moving them away a little bit and had them just stand on my hand for a few seconds before I let them step down. I just repeated this over and over keeping them on my hand longer and longer as they grew more comfortable. Then I started taking a little walk with they away from the cage, just a foot or so at first and then more. I can now walk into the kitchen or living room with Gemma without too much of a freakout. Getting Phoenix out is a little bit harder. She sees my take Gemma into another room and then doesn't want the same thing to happen to her! If I can get Phoenix out first it is much easier!

As far as macaws are concerned these 2 are really easy to care for, quiet, and nice birds. So far we have not seen any aggressive behaviors at all and while they seem to prefer me they don't dislike Jamie and Jen and never lash out or strike at the bars like some other birds do. They are a little skittish around the dog, they aren't real sure about her, but are not outwardly afraid of her, they just watch her carefully.

If the thought of 2 macaws scares you it shouldn't. Taking care of 2 isn't much different than taking care of one and these two are easy. They eat wonderfully, are quiet (for macaws), nice, and quite fun. It will take some time to get these 2 fully out of their shells but once they are they will make someone a couple of great companions.

Here Gemma is hanging out on the back of the couch. From there she can see the cage and is about 15 feet away so she is pretty comfortable. Phoenix is still in the cage but pops out to hang out on the door for a bit.She will come out and flap her beautiful wings!

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