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Gemma and Phoenix Update 4

Vet Day!

The duo has their first vet visit this afternoon, which should be an interesting event. I don't yet how these 2 are going to react to the travel crate. I think I will get 1 in pretty easily and the second might be more problematic. They seem to be in very good health and have even gotten better now they are on a better diet. Scarlet who was fairly plucked on her back when she came in has tones of feathers coming in on her back!

They are cleaning their bowl of every bit of chop and pellets now! Gemma will almost anything I offer her and will eat most of them but Phoenix is much more picky. They both loved the apple slices the other day and sat happily eating and making cooing noises, but the red pepper slice was spit out by Phoenix.

The two of them like to be let out of the cage everyday but are happy with just 20 minutes or so. Gemma usually comes out first and spends some time flapping her wings like she is tring to lift the cage off the ground. Phoenix, still the scared one, takes a few minutes to venture out. Some times we work on stepping up during this time other times we do target training. After about 20-30 minutes though they retreat back into the cage and are content for the night. If they don't get out they do tend to put up quite a squawk.

The vet visit went pretty well! Dr. Wagner cut the band off Phoenix so it won't become a problem. Wow are those bands strong! The 2 birds were pretty upset though because I had to towel them to get them into the cages.

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