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Fish Day 2

Fish had a pretty busy day playing with his toys! He had the cardboard and paper roll all pulled out and had been playing away. The first thing on the agenda for his afternoon was a quick spray bath with a mister.

He didn't seem to love it but he didn't hate it either which was good. For now I am going to mist him pretty frequently to help with his feather condition. As soon as he will step up I plan to show him the shower upstairs and see he will get more interested in bathing there. Feather plucking and barbering are pretty common in birds that come from conditions like this one and can have a lot of different causes including stress and boredom. I am providing his with lots of attention, wholesome food, and tons of toys to occupy his time in the hopes he plays not plucks.

After dinner we opened up the cage and watched to see what would happen. Slowly Fish started to explore. A quick peek out at first, followed by a dash onto the side of the cage and back. Pretty soon he was out exploring the cage environment. I created a large wooden box to fit on top of the cage to stop him from getting up there. Birds love to go up there and if they aren't cooperative with stepping up can be difficult to get back down. I also blocked off one side with plexiglass to stop him from being able to make it over to the TV, one good bite from there would do a lot of damage to a OLED!

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