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Please Welcome Melina!

Melina is a 21 yr old Moluccan Cockatoo (we call them M2). She is coming to us via a senior couple who want to rehome her while they are still able, and are moving to somewhere they can't take her with them. I'm sure this was a very hard decision but I commend them for putting the interests of the bird foremost. We often see birds come that come from this sort of situation and many times the bird suffered increasingly insufficient care as the owner became less and less able to properly care for the bird. Seeing that many large birds like M2's can live to 50-60 years or more, this is a very common occurrence. This couple got out in front of the issue and is planning ahead! I wish there were more like them!

Melina should be arriving this weekend. I don't know much about her beyond that she is very sweet and needs lots of attention and interaction. She loves to talk, sing, dance and give kisses. She has been vetted regularly and because she is a cockatoo can be loud.

She will be moving straight into my Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages 64x32 double cage which is a pretty big size upgrade and give her plenty of space to stretch out. I mention these cages a lot in my posts and no I don't get paid or anything for doing so. I mention and recommend them because A. I really think they are great cages. B. Because they sell BIG cages. Big birds NEED big cages. and C. because the owner, Karrie, is my Cockatoo guru. She has been such a monumental help with all of my fosters. From helping with health or behavioral issues or different training tips she has been a huge help.

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