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Nuggets Adventure

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Hello I'm nugget. I am a green cheek conure pineapple morph, or just a pineapple green cheek. I am approximately 4 years old but my original owners couldn't remember.

I was placed with a bird owner temporarily upon being relinquished by my owners. She treated me well, but I was still stressed from my old environment and recent move and I may have been a little bitey. Unfortunately she didn't have room for me in her flock and contacted P.EA.R.L.!

So this is me now in my new P.E.A.R.L foster home. At first when the cage door opened I was a little scared to come out. I kept witnessing these crazy birds in this room playing, jumping, flying, and screaming i was a bit taken back.

After watching from the safety of my cage I decided it was time to come out and let myself be seen. I did a little mimic calling of all the noises id been hearing and boy did I get a response. So after some back and forth with the other residents I decided it was time to do some exploring.

After this I felt safe and decided to even step up and down for my foster dad several times with out harm. He still hasn't found a treat i like but I did it for praise this time. Right before bed I accepted some head scratches from him and lemme tell you I liked those.

Well until my next check in,

Nugget the pineapple green cheek conure

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