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New Foster Bird! Henley

I want to introduce our new foster bird, Henley a Canary Wing Parakeet. He came to me on December 17th and has been getting to know his new environment and companions in the past week or so. When he came to PEARL the poor bird had a very overgrown beak as seen below. I am surprised the guy could eat at all.

He was also kept in a pretty small cage (below) with dowel perches, few toy sand few chances for enrichment. One positive is that he is on a Zupreem pellet diet with some seeds mixed in which is better than a lot of birds we see. He has been eating some of the fresh chop so far so his diet has been easy to transition. I have him in a larger cage with plenty of real branch perches and better toys and seems to be doing well.

He isn't hand friendly so far, he mostly just runs away but when he was on the bottom of the cage the other day he did step up onto my finger for a few moments. He doesn't seem to bite so far. He doesn't have his wings clipped and when he flies around he is FAST!.

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I really like that parrot and bring some in your cage if you don’t want to sell it. They actually feel alone when they do not have a partner around them here you can read about the birds and their requirements to live well.

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