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Miss Molly - Adoptable Parrot of the Month

My name is Molly, but the person that is taking care of me has started calling me “Miss Molly”, she says that it fits my personality better.

I am a strong, independent, opinionated little bird. I will not hesitate to let you know what I like and don’t like.

Some things that I like are food, hanging out on top of my cage, flying around the room that I live in, food, sitting on the ceiling fan (safely turned off, thank you), food, shredding toys, complaining that room service is slow, and food. Do you see a trend? Food is important in my life, but I am not too fussy about what kind of food. I eat pellets, fruits and veggies, chop, nutriberries, bread and cereal. I really like seeds and nuts, my person puts those inside my cage when she needs me to go back in, and I run right in for them, I just can’t resist.

The main things I don’t like are being handled or petted. Like I said, I am independent bird. People exist to let me out of my cage, and to bring me food. I will take food from people, but then I just want to be left to eat it by myself.

I used to live in a cage with a male Ringneck Parakeet, but I didn’t really like him and I pushed him around a lot. I enjoy living in a room with other birds at my current house, but I don’t really interact with them much, I mostly just stare at their food bowls, especially the finches - they have a whole bowl of tasty seed that I can’t reach! I am smart enough to fly off of the other birds cages if they come too close, I don’t want to get my toes nipped. I might be able to live with another bird, but I would need a lot of time and supervised interactions to make sure that I liked them.

If you want a bird to sit with you and cuddle, I am NOT your girl. But if you are looking for a bird that enjoys being a bird, I might be the right one for you. I will need a big cage and lots of toys so

that I can amuse myself when you are not home. I will need supervised “out of cage” time when you are home so that I can fly around and explore, and a commitment from you to keep my area safe - no open windows or doors, no running ceiling fans, that kind of stuff. And food, lots of good healthy food. In return, you will get the pleasure of watching a little bird enjoy herself being a bird. In time, I might come to let you touch me or pick me up, but I make no promises.

Interested in Molly? Apply here:

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