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A Ton of Tiel's

Members of PEARL Parrot Rescue went in on Friday to rescue over 150 feral cockatiels from an attic. There was no ventilation, a very small space and clean water was very limited. At this time, they have entered quarantine for a minimum of 30 days and are awaiting medical care.

Many of these birds are severely malnourished, as their main dietary supplement was white bread, cheerios and pasta. We are currently working on diet conversion, in hopes that we can bring their weight up to a healthy level, and promote muscle gain and proper feather condition.

They will not be available for adoption for quite some time, but if you are interested in adoption, they will only be adopted out in pairs. Many of these birds will go to out-of-state rescues in order for us to maintain our standards of care. If you are interested, please fill out an application form here: Petstablished

How you can help...

Monetary donations to be used for food, medical bills and supplies can be given here: Our Go Fund Me Page

Proceeds from our upcoming benefit will go directly to helping these parrots. **Cockatiels will be available to meet during the event** Purchase tickets here: The Oaks Theatre Page

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